Box of luxe HOW IT WORKS?

Our brand, Box of luxe Australia is about the elegance, versatile and sophisticated style of gifting flowers. We make our collections by the latest trends. Our targeted age group is from the little ones to our admired elderly individuals, so there is no age limitation to choosing from our collection. We set up collections to every age group therefore it is easy to find the best size, shape colour and type of flowers for your loved ones.

Delivery system and its costs

The delivery within Brisbane area is free. We also deliver to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast as well, please contact us to get a quote on that. We use our own delivery fleet to get the desired floral box delivered safely. 

Delivery within Australia

Box of luxe Eternity Roses collection is available for domestic shipping. Currently, we deliver to North Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. The delivery time take up between 3 – 7 business days. The shipping cost may be different in terms of the product size and weight. Please contact our team on to get a quote on that.

International delivery

Box of Luxe Eternity Roses collection is available for international delivery as well. Currently, we deliver to United States, Middle East and Europe (delivery times take up to 7-14 business days).All international delivery costs are quoted differently depending on the country’s restrictions such as taxes and duties. To get more information on that, please contact our logistic team All shipments are supplied with tracking numbers.

Delivery times

The local orders are delivered from Monday to Sunday from 10.00am-8.00pm. If the place of the recipient is unattended, please leave us an extra message with details, where the flower box should be placed to. If your order is made from fresh flowers, the place should be cool and dark. Please note that the preserved flowers are also sensitive to the humid air and direct sunshine. Please be aware of these important factors to keep the flower box in it’s original condition and beauty for as long as possible. Once the flower box is delivered, we don’t take any responsibility, if any damage occurs to it or it’s stolen. 

Order system

In case of the fresh cut Colombian roses, the order should be made 24-72 hours prior the delivery date. Box of Luxe Eternity collection orders should be made 3 weeks prior the delivery date. However, main colours from the Eternity collection such as the red and pink are often in stock. Please contact us or check out the stock on these colours of roses.

ROSES and rose bud sizes, COLOUR and their LOOK

Roses and rose buds sizes are different. Therefore it is not possible to determine an exact quantity of roses within a certain size of box. Their colour shade also may be varying. Each flower can be darker or lighter within one colour. We make our collection from the luxurious looking Colombian roses; however we use a local supply of smaller headed roses for the smaller boxes or for the kid’s collections. Furthermore, their colour also depends on the lighting and the country of origin. However, we fill the boxes full with beautiful and carefully selected flowers.

Customized flower boxes

To order special customized boxes, please choose Customized products menu point and fill out the form including all details on the desired box. Our customized boxes are based on our customer’s special needs and wants regarding to the different variation of the flower colours within a box. Letters, special messages or even different shapes such as a heart shape are the most popular choices between our customers. This product can be ordered from fresh cut, silk, and from long lasting preserved roses as well.